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Stadiums Reader

Stadiums Reader

The reader is designed to be integrated into all turnstiles approved for access control in the stadiums.
The steel frame and powder coating makes it particularly resistant and suitable management of driveways or similar.

Main Features

  • Lettura del codice a barre con doppio scanner per letture indipendenti dal verso di inserimento del ticket. 
  • Bar code reading with double independent scanner that can read independently from the direction of ticket insertion.
  • RFID reader for subscriptions and the for the fan’s card.
  • Management of all types of full height turnstile.
  • Light signals visible in bright sunlight.
  • Ethernet networking.
  • Possible connection to a console for rear signal lights and a customized messaging for the operator.
  • Possible management of alarm manual release of the gate.
  • Can customize the color of the body.


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Girello - Tornelli
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TR490 - Tornello a tripode mod. TR490 EM/BD
Tornello braccio abbattibile - Tornelli - Ivrea sistemi

Drop Arm Turnstile

Drop arm Turnstile

This turnstile work with two drop arm that drop down to permit the people passage

The picture show the turnstile bounded with alien reader.

The turnstile is opened closing a dry contact and it will be automatically closed after the people passage.

Anti panic mecanism with sound beeper.


  • Dimension 1080 x 230 (singol unit)
  • Satinate airon steel
  • Anti-panic mechanism
  • Anti crusching mechanism
  • Graphic led signal.
  • Iron steel Available AISI 304 or 316


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Varco automatico - Tornelli
Rilevamento temperatura - Tornelli - Ivrea sistemi

Temperature Detection


This system is able to control and manage body temperature and the presence of the safety mask for entrances in workplaces, offices, public places, schools, stations, shops, gyms, spas and restaurants according to the new regulations.

Regulatory protocol for measures to contain and combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the workplace.


Thermal imaging camera features – Temperature detection

• Monitor: 7 ″ HD LCD 600 × 1024

• Camera Resolution: 2 Mega Pixel

• Distance temperature: 0.5-1.3mt

• Tolerance + / – 0.3 ° C

• Recognition: Face, Mask

• Facial recognition: 0.5-2.3mt

• Memory up to: 25,000 faces (template)

• Recognition time: 200ms

• Sensor: Thermopile Infrared

• Lighting: infrared, white light

• Protocol: TCP / IP, HTTP

• Operating modes: Auto & on-off line

• Management: black & white list

• Picture format: JPEG

• Network: RJ45

• Serial port: RS485

• Output: relay for gate control

• Alarms: on display, voice, smartphone

• Firmware update: remote

• Operating temperature: -20 ° C / + 55 ° C

• Power supply: 12Vdc

• Protection degree: IP66

• Monitor size: 219 x 111 x 21.5mm

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TORNELLO STB 002 - Tornelli Ivrea SIstemi

Turnstile STB 002

Tornelli Ivrea Sistemi:


Entry-level turnstile suitable for indoor use.


• Power supply: AC220V

• Power consumption: 100W

• Operating temperature: -15 ° C to 60 ° C

• Passage width: 600mm

• Passage speed: 20 people / min


Main functions:

• Unidirectional or bidirectional arm

• Auto-repositioning function: If after reading a card no one passes by for a certain period of time, the turnstile locks automatically

• When the turnstile is turned off, the arm drops automatically

• Animated led arrow to indicate the direction of passage



• Stainless steel 



• 420x330x971mm



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