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Scheda LET_IS

LET_IS BOARD The board LET_IS is the most advanced version for access


LOCK RFID IS-100T Main Features Easy to use Via button. Several program

Girello - Tornelli

Horizontal Turnstile Horizontal Turnstile with four arms. Equipped with anti-panic device and

Tessere in PVC - controllo accessi

PVC CARDS Main Features PVC Cards Available in all technologies (125 Khz, 13,56

New card holder in development Ivrea Sistemi is currently working on the

Tornello braccio abbattibile - Tornelli - Ivrea sistemi

Drop arm Turnstile This turnstile work with two drop arm that drop


Ivrea Sistemi – DIVISIONE TKEFER S.R.L., founded in 1984 in Ivrea, near Turin, provides technical solutions in the field of process control, driver software design, communication techniques, control of electromechanical mechanisms and management of additional services.
Ivrea Sistemi has developed many research and development projects following the directions of the market and adopting the latest cutting edge technologies existing in the industrial field and has greatly enhanced its structure acquiring new human resources and equipment hardware and software for the design and production of electronic devices.
Recently Ivrea Systemi has participated in several research and development project in the field of wireless communications and Internet of Things in collaboration with universities, research institutes and other industrial partners.

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