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(RFID Readers or Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology for the automatic identification of objects, animals or people (AIDC identifing and Automatic Data Capture) based on the ability to store and remotely access to data using electronic devices (called TAG or transponder) that are able to respond and communicate the information contained in them when “interrogated”.Today NFC technology allows communication between smartphones and reader in a simple and economical way. It is no longer necessary to have a card or TAG, but the information is written directly into the phone and read from our readers that can be used for access control or simply personal data management.

Lettore / Programmatore RFID IS-500 L

READER / PROGRAMMER RFID IS-500 L USB Reader / Standard Mifare Serial.

Lettore RFID IS600A

RFID READER IS-600 A USB Rfid reader Main features Rfid standard supported

Lettore / Scrittore RFID Multistandard

RFID Reader/Writer Multistandard Reader/Writer USB Multistandard Main Features Supported RFID standard 13.56Mhz

Lettore Programmatore RFID IS-600 L

RFID Reader IS-600 L USB RFID Reader Main Features Supported Rfid Standard

Lettore / Programmatore RFID IS-500 F

RFID Reader/Programmer IS-500 F USB / Serial multitechnology reader able to read


RFID Reader/Programmer IS-500 D USB Reader/Programmer ISO 15693 Main Features Supported RFID

Lettore RFID generico

Generic RFID reader Generic RFID reader. Suitable for all types of turnstile. Easy to

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