Stadiums Reader

The reader is designed to be integrated into all turnstiles approved for access control in the stadiums.
The steel frame and powder coating makes it particularly resistant and suitable management of driveways or similar.

Main Features

  • Lettura del codice a barre con doppio scanner per letture indipendenti dal verso di inserimento del ticket. 
  • Bar code reading with double independent scanner that can read independently from the direction of ticket insertion.
  • RFID reader for subscriptions and the for the fan’s card.
  • Management of all types of full height turnstile.
  • Light signals visible in bright sunlight.
  • Ethernet networking.
  • Possible connection to a console for rear signal lights and a customized messaging for the operator.
  • Possible management of alarm manual release of the gate.
  • Can customize the color of the body.


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